Olympia Gas & Oil Burner

Olympia Kogyo Co., Ltd. founded in 1965, is one of the leading manufactures of burners in Japan and has manufactured a wide variety of thermal equipments with the burner as the core.

Olympia Gas Burner can respond certainly wide needs of the customers based on considerable experience and latest technology providing a main line up AG-Series, RG-Series, CG-Series, GOM-Series, GLT-Series, those are arranged for the various applications and purpose. From small size house use burners to large size industrial burners.

Olympia Oil Burner comes in a diversified assortment of models to meet different use and condition. Over a wide range of small heaters to large industrial ones, the most suitable burner can be chosen according to the characteristics of the heater to be equipped with it and to the kind of fuel to be used.

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